Our State-Sync Server Setup

At regular intervals, we capture an image of the current state of our node, known as a snapshot. To ensure the most recent and accurate data is captured, we first synchronize the node through state sync prior to taking the snapshot. This not only allows for more efficient storage, but also serves as a valuable point of reference for network analysis, and as a backup for restoring the node to a previous state, if necessary.


Stop the node

sudo systemctl stop persistence

Download snapshot

cd $HOME

Reset the node

persistenceCore tendermint unsafe-reset-all --keep-addr-book 

Decompress snapshot

tar -C $HOME/ -zxvf persistence-snap.tar.gz --strip-components 1 

Restart the node

sudo systemctl restart persistence && sudo journalctl -fu persistence -o cat

Remove snapshot

rm persistence-snap.tar.gz

Persistence tendermint Chain Services